Best Practices

Films offered by REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS engage, motivate and energize your audience by using real-life examples from some of the best and most widely known leaders.


REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS are perfect for any group focused on achieving goals and working better as a team. Whether you are a business, school, nonprofit or any organization where values, excellence, productivity, teamwork and individual growth are important, REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS are the best learning and training films on the market today.

Team and One-on-One Applications

Each film offered by REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS is highly effective for both self-study or team learning. Our films share values based on real-life struggles, lessons and successes. They promote discussion and alignment on values that lead to individual and team success.

Compelling, Real-Life Lessons

Films offered by REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS teach by solid example, based on real-life struggles and successes. These films teach that what’s important in life and business is not whether we fail, but whether we learn from our failures. These films allow you to hear from the greatest motivators of our time, who openly share lessons from their lives and careers.

Engaging Learning Experiences

Many of our films are accompanied by Leader and Participant Playbooks, to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Each Leader’s Playbook provides everything you need to properly position and present the content of the film. These Playbooks also include special TRAINER’S TIPS to help you guide the delivery of content and become a more effective facilitator. In addition, the Playbooks feature interactive exercises that explore the practical implications for your team, foster discussion and promote action planning.  Playbooks are available as downloadable PDF files by clicking HERE.

Priceless Lessons at Real Value

Films offered by REAL LIFE TRAINING FILMS deliver world-class learning, when and where you need it. Compared to the expense of off-site training programs or the high cost of hiring processional speakers, our films convey timeless messages that apply to every part of an organization or team. Even better, these messages can be used again and again to ensure consistency across your organization, year after year.

See For Yourself!

Several preview clips from each film are available on this site, as well as sample pages from our Leader and Participant Playbooks. These tools make it easy for you to decide which film is best for your needs. Better yet, you can also view each film in its entire length by registering; this provides you the best try-before-you-buy experience. Be sure to preview our films online, and please contact us with any questions.