On-Demand Video

streamingAll films produced by Real Life Training Films are now available for immediate, on-demand video streaming!


Want to learn more? Read the following about on-demand video streaming. If you still have questions, contact us with any questions.

What is On-Demand Streaming Video?

Streaming video is film footage that is formatted for delivery over the internet to a personal computer or other device that has an internet connection.

What are the benefits of On-Demand Streaming Video?

  • Films can be delivered either to several groups or individuals on an as-needed basis.
  • Individuals can view films prior to meetings or classes, freeing up time for live or virtual group discussions.
  • More students are reached when they can access streaming video on their own time.
  • Films can be accessed anytime, anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Price is based on the number of views (often as little as $3.00 per person, based on the license purchased).
  • Viewing is available immediately upon purchase.

How does it work?

Once a license is purchased, a secure login and password is used to access films. The video is then streamed over the internet and viewed using a player application.  The number of plays is determined by the license purchased.

Does your Streaming Video come from your own server?

Real Life Training Films uses a secure ArcLearn server to handle all licensing and streaming of our films. More information is available HERE.

What licensing options are available?

Several options are available, including short-term (weekly) and long-term (one year or longer) access. In addition, licensing is available for downloading films directly to your company’s Learning Management System for unlimited access. Bundled packages are also available, if you want to access several of our films. Click HERE to learn more.

How much does On-Demand Streaming Video cost?

Cost is dependent on the license purchased. Click HERE for details on licensing and pricing.

Will I receive an accompanying Playbook with my license?

When you purchase any of our films featuring an accompanying Playbook, you will receive these PDF documents via email upon purchase.